The Holy Trinity is the God of the Impossible

Many of us take for granted the love and the life the Lord has given us. We can rationalize and artificially try to explain areas of life that are puzzling. However, who can explain the wonders of God? Miracles, visions, prophecy, bleeding statues, healings, locutions, apparitions of Our Lady, etc… Who can explain them? Many of us have seen the movie "Song of Bernadette". I like the caption that says "To those that have faith no explanation is necessary … for those who don’t have faith no explanation is enough." (St. Thomas Aquinas). Our Lord is the God of understanding the impossible in faith.

Before I get into the preparation of the Refuges, I want to address this issue of the natural versus the supernatural. . How do we explain to our "natural self" what is actually "supernatural" in nature? There are many human mysteries that are impossible to explain in the natural. Let me recount a few of these known to me…..

At the end of World War II, an atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima, Japan. A short distance from ground zero was a small Catholic Church and seven German priests who were praying the Holy Rosary at the time this fearsome bomb was dropped---- literally on them! The atomic bomb killed thousands of people. Almost everyone within a one mile radius of the bomb drop was killed, either from the initial impact of the atomic explosion or from the radiation that followed. Yet, how do we explain that the seven priests praying the Rosary had no ill effects? Scientists were baffled because they couldn’t explain nor understand how these seven priests did not suffer any illness or side effects.

Another such supernatural incident took place in a Nazi concentration camp built to genocide the Jews, Christians and others who were not in agreement with the Hitler regime. One such holy angel was Corrie ten Boom. She and her family helped Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust during World War II and, by all accounts, saved nearly 800 lives. Eventually, Corrie was arrested and sent to a concentration camp. She was a devout Christian who was in complete love with God and evangelized by reading and teaching from her Bible. I remember hearing her amazing testimony. She explained how they were herded into the concentration camp, and further described how all the women and men were forced to remove their clothing and all private possessions until they were all completely naked. The Nazis wanted to make sure that nothing was smuggled into the concentration camps. Corrie, however, refused to give up her Holy Bible, and went through several checkpoints carrying her Bible out in the open---yet none of the guards saw her Bible in her hand! She was the light of God in the concentration camp, bringing hope and the love of God to those around her. How do you naturally explain why none of the guards noticed the Word of God in her hands?

You may also have heard the story of Nicky Cruz or read his book The Cross and the Switchblade. I was invited by Faith Outreach Church, a group that works with drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes etc…and was asked by the Pastor to join them and to invite my fellow Catholic brothers and sisters to attend a conference with Nicky Cruz in San Antonio, Texas. It was to start at 7:00 p.m. at a nice hotel in downtown San Antonio. I invited several friends, and about 50 to 60 from our group showed up. We all sat down and were waiting for the members of Faith Outreach. When not a single person (but our group) showed up, Nicky Cruz was puzzled, and was by himself praying to the Lord. I went to him immediately and told him that we would help. Nicky felt more comfortable with our help, and he shared with us many spiritual adventures that he experienced while serving God. It was such an anointed evening, and everyone was rejoicing and praising the Lord. I eventually became good friends with Nicky, and was able to ask him a question that had been on my mind for years. When we were alone, I asked Nicky "Why did you run after you threatened to kill Pastor David Wilkerson and went at him with your knife"? Nicky answered and said "John, when I started to cut David, he told me that if I cut him into a million pieces they would cry out to me and forgive and love me. The reason I ran was because as I was slashing David with my switchblade, my hand and knife went right through his body, not touching or hurting him". From that moment on, I knew that David’s God was God.

My friends, our God is the God of the Impossible!

I share these experiences to try to illuminate what I am sharing with you. I was told that I am to teach and bring God’s message of love and hope to you. We all need our faith to be cultivated and nourished with the mighty works of God.


The Refuges

What I have shared hopefully will give you a better understanding of the spiritual world versus the natural world. Remember, we are walking and living in two worlds each second of our lives. It took me a long time to understand that nothing is impossible to God as He exists in the supernatural world.

When our Blessed Mother took me up from the earth to show me the future, and as I was subsequently coming down, I asked Our Lady about the Refuge, noticing that there was a large area covered by a thin dome. She explained that each Refuge would be protected by the Grace and Glory of God. She told me that no evil would see nor know where the refuges were. She showed me how the Lord would provide food and shelter to those invited into the Refuge. She revealed how God’s angels would be helping us. Our Blessed Mother indicated that some of us would go outside the Refuge in order to bring people into the Refuge. I was shown the people that had been invited and who were working as a Christian community sharing God’s Love. There were no sad faces, only faces that were brilliant in the holy presence of the Lord. I saw my wife working with children, and how all of us had a purpose and mission inside and outside the Refuge.

At the very beginning, the Lord told me that there are seven persons being prepared for leadership by the Lord for this time of tribulation. As I have shared before, the Lord indicted that if I looked for them I would not find them.


My Test of Faith

In my journey of faith I encountered many hurdles. As I grew spiritually through the Holy Spirit, I enjoyed evangelizing and sharing with our brethren about Jesus. I became very confident in what the Lord and Our Lady were teaching me. I was becoming very secure in my faith and my trust in God, and was invited frequently as a guest speaker in several areas around the country. When my talks were over, I would have altar calls and invite people to come forward to accept Jesus Christ into their lives. At times, some were invited to receive the Holy Spirit and receive the gifts promised to us in 1 Corinthians 12: 4 -11. Many miracles, conversions and healings took place during these events. God alone was working miracles, for all the glory goes to God who indeed is the Great Healer and Lord of miracles. Sometimes, maybe out of pride, I would say to my friends and relatives that I was not afraid to die. My faith was soon severely tested in this regard.

One night I became very sick with fever and other related symptoms. I asked my wife to take me to ER at Santa Rosa Hospital. The doctor checked me out, and told me that I was just coming down with flu. Being Hispanic I told my wife to stop by Mi Tierra Restaurant and purchase for me a bowl of Menudo. (Bad choice) for that night was the worst night ever. I had chills, fever up to 103°, vomiting, hot and cold spells and overall very serious medical symptoms. I called my personal doctor and he told me to see him first thing in the morning. I was in the waiting room, and he looked at me and said "John, you are dying". He immediately took me into his office and checked vital signs: my fever was 105°, I had a 40,000 white corpuscle blood count; my kidneys were failing. The doctor immediately told me to go to the Metropolitan Hospital.

When we arrived, the doctors and nurses were waiting for me. The nurse took my temperature and it had gone up to 108°. They removed my clothing and dunked me into a tank full of ice cold water. I overheard the doctors say that I would be lucky if I made it through the night. Fear set in and doubt started to make its way in my mind. I could not believe that God was taking me home because I still had a lot of work to do for Him.

I was afraid to die! Yup! The guy who thought he was so tough, who had proclaimed his fearlessness before death, had turned into a marshmallow. I cried out to God and fought and struggled to keep from dying for about two hours. Finally I gave up. I prayed an Act of Contrition and I let go.

I was floating forward through a red tunnel and I saw Roman soldiers in uniform looking at me and turning away. I thought I was in hell. I came to an exit through the tunnel and fear was all over me. I heard a voice tell me to look down and I saw that someone had written with their finger J-E-S-U-S. Peace then came over me. As I continued going forward, I saw thousands of people in Hell that did not have faces. They were like worms in a large pile. I could feel the horror and the absence of God. Fear set in again. The same voice told me to look up and I saw that someone had carved the name J-E-S-U-S. Peace came again. In an instant, I was taken to a place that was the last battle between good and evil. As the fighting was going on, I saw that the blood of the innocents was starting to rise up and was almost covering the battle that was taking place. I cried out to Jesus, and asked Him to remove me from that place.

In an instant I was in the middle of a beautiful valley and Jesus was in front of me. He was dressed in white with a red robe. He pointed towards the sky, and I saw a beautiful city made out of pure crystal that seemed to be floating. I could hear Jesus talk but his lips were not moving. He stretched out His right hand and told me to take this gift. I reached out and he gave me this beautiful city of crystal that was now shown to me as the size of a walnut. Jesus told me this was for me to remember what was waiting for God’s children. Everything was beautiful and peaceful. I thought I was staying.

I began floating back and I heard the voice of Our Lady. She told me that God still had a lot of work for me to complete. She shared several things regarding the time of tribulation, and she told me that the Holy Rosary was the key to God’s grace and protection. She told me that both Roman Catholics and non-Catholics would be praying the Rosary with her in the refuges that were being prepared.

I woke up the next morning and I felt great! My temperature was normal and the doctors told me that my kidneys were like those of a new baby. This was my test of faith!

I write these words as the Lord prompts and leads me, for He is urgently calling all of us to come to Him. I encourage each of you to go before the Blessed Sacrament and carefully read and discern these comments and words that I am sharing with you. After reading, close your eyes and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the accuracy and correctness of what I have written.

There is much more to share with all of you, and as I am guided by Our Lady and the Holy Spirit, I will continue to disclose these revelations and words as they are given to me. May all of us truly honor Jesus with our faith, and may we have a deep, abiding sense of the magnificence and glory of our God.

Please pray for my family and I, and for all who are seeking the truth about approaching events and their arrival.

Hebrews 11: And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.

John – Servant of God

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