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My family and I are now living in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, and I am happily married to a wonderful Catholic born-again Christian. We joyfully share our home with our two sons, four dogs and five cats. I am a semi-retired general contractor and Vietnam Veteran who is in love with the Blessed Holy Trinity and Our Blessed Mother, the Mother of Jesus. Ours is a journey I humbly attribute totally to the graces of God and our Blessed Mother.The Martinez Family

To give you some background, I am a cradle Catholic who was raised in a poor neighborhood on the south side of San Antonio, Texas. I attended CCD at Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church and our teachers were wonderful nuns dressed in full habits. Something within me needed to know more about this man called Jesus and His Mother Mary, whom the nuns told us was also our mother. As I grew older, I had come to the conclusion that the best way to get to Heaven was to join Bingo, attend Fish Fry’s and be present at Mass on Sundays. By my narrow way of thinking, I was doing God a favor by going to Sunday Mass, thinking I had all the answers and that I could call on God when I got in trouble. I also thought I was a good Catholic and the non-Catholics were going to Hell! (I was ignorant and confused.)

In 1979, at around 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning, my wife woke me up screaming that there was a man dressed like a monk kneeling on the side of the bed praying for me. She pointed to him, but I could not see him. She could not understand why I could not see him, so she turned on the lights and continued to point to this man praying by me. I thought either my wife was going nuts, or some unnatural man (or ghost) was next to me. A few months later, I saw my wife coming towards me looking much shaken, as if she had seen a ghost. She told me that she had seen a holy card of the monk that had been praying for me at the side of the bed. She showed me the holy card, and it was the image of Padre Pio.

It has taken me over thirty-four years to write these “Messages, Teachings and Private Revelations”. As you will see, the essence of these messages is an ancient, simple message: an urgent appeal from heaven for us to turn to God with our whole hearts.

He is now our true safe refuge on this troubled earth.

At the very beginning of this journey, I truly did not understand the import of the information given to me. I have experienced visions, locutions and spiritual instructions by our Blessed Mother. Yet, I do not know why the Lord selected me to receive this message; there are many others so much more worthy.

I was told by the Lord to wait and not to share the first part of His Plan until now, as His design for mankind has already started to unfold. Therefore, at this time, He has given me permission to share some of my spiritual experiences.

We are in the great Spiritual Warfare that Jesus foretold in the Gospels. Evil is running rampant and spiritual events have been set in motion. Global and local events have resulted in the unfolding of God’s liberation plan for us. It is not a matter of years before this will take place, for it has already started. It will all happen a lot sooner than the world expects.

I ask for anyone that might read these reflections and communications to remember that all private revelations, visions and spiritual prophecy must be carefully discerned. Satan can try to imitate revelations that we think are from God. Thus, we must all be very cautious and pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit.

We are called to pray, repent of our sins and open our hearts to God. Does He have places of refuge for us? Yes, He does. They begin in the safety of a steadfast, real and continuing relationship with Him-in the very heart of Him.

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